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Why Me, Why Now?

Peru is a wonderful place to share God's love. The people there, both young and old, are so open to hear the gospel. There is a tremendous desire to simply have a place to worship God that they are coming to know through those that are willing to teach them. 


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Adventure In A BOX Virtual Mission Trip

Villages in Peru

Along Amazon River

Coming Soon

Adventure In A BOX Virtual Mission Trip

Stay Tuned for more information on the NEW Virtual Mission Trip. Learn about the villages in Peru and get to know the local Pastors and comm...

Villages in Peru

Along Amazon River

Making A Difference


Hi, I’m Carlita. I’m 12 years old and live in a village called Nina Rumi. I have four siblings, and we life with our grandmother.

There used to be nothing in this village, but when the Nina Rumi campus was built, I saw that people who cared had come to my village.

My family used to drink a lot, especially over the weekends, and sometimes during the week. I grew up with parents who were alcoholics. I felt that my parents did not show love to us, but instead loved only alcohol. 

We were already poor but became even more so since my parents spent all their money on alcohol. So, my grandmother took me and my brothers to live with her. It was sad that she had to take us away, but alcohol had destroyed my family. My family isn’t the only one, either. Alcohol is a serious problem for many in my village.

The Catch the Vision International Nina Rumi campus is a beautiful place. The people there care about families in the village. They provide safe water. I used to have to walk long distances to get unclean water from the river, but now water is delivered right to my house!

CTVI also organizes programs for kids in the village. We call it Friday with Jesus. We learn stories about Jesus, play games, and have a good time. The program is helping me understand what Jesus’s love looks like. It is helping me forgive my parents for the hurt they caused me and my family.

I pray that alcohol would stop destroying families in my village, and that instead more people might know about the love and forgiveness of Jesus. 

Mission Trip Testimonies


Rob Miller, Co-Founder CTVI

 “If you have a voice within that is

stirring you to experience missions, I

invite you to take a gamble and

see what happens!”


Marla Fanning, CTVI Missionary

 “Amazing” only scratches the surface

of describing our experience!"


Dr. David Gillespie, MD, Co-Founder CTVI

" I have felt Christs’ call to share His love 

with the village people there.

I have provided medical attention to those 

that would not have received the care they needed."



Not able to go on missions?

At Catch the Vision, we have several programs for you to donate. Below are a few programs. If you prefer to send a different amount or send donations to a general fund, please download the donation form below and mail to 1425 Russell Street, Orangeburg, SC 29115

Donation Opportunities

Medical & Dental Program: $100

For $100 you can supply dental and medical treatment for a year to someone in need.

Family Safe Water Program: $360

CTVI has identified that poor water quality is the number one challenge for the people of Peru along the Amazon River and its tributaries. Help by providing safe water to a family for less than a dollar a day.  

Sponsor-A-Child Program: $480

For only $480 a year, you can sponsor a child to help with their daily needs. Sponsorship includes: a dental check up and lessons in hygiene, weekly backyard bible club and bible lessons, the opportunity to build a deeper relationship with Jesus, a safe environment to play and learn about building community, and a Christmas and birthday gift.

How to Donate

OPTION 1: Download Form below and mail

OPTION 2: Call (803)539-2301 and pay over the phone

Donate by Mail

Any donation is greatly appreciated. If you prefer to donate by mail, please download Donation Form below and mail to:

1425 Russell Street, Orangeburg, SC 29115

CTVI-Peru-DonationForm (pdf)


Nina Rumi Campus

Traveling to a different country can be tough. Enjoy a stay at CTVI Nina Rumi Campus.


It is our goal to make sure all volunteers are welcome, well-rested, and most importantly make the best use of their unique God-given gifts and abilities. Enjoy a comfortable stay at the newly constructed Nina Rumi Campus, equipped with indoor plumbing, A/C, and electricity with standard US outlets. Buildings include three bunk houses with private restrooms, administrative building, and dining hall. Sleeping quarters are four volunteers per room in bunk bed style. The campus is secured with adequate lighting, privacy wall, security staff, and medical clinic on-site.

Water Conditions

The water in Iquitos, Peru is not safe for drinking. Seeing this great need for clean drinking water, Water Missions International built a water tower and installed a water purification system on the campus. In the Summer of 2017, the system was dedicated to the people of the Nina Rumi village. This system provides clean water for the campus and community!


All meals will be provided while staying at Nina Rumi Campus in Iquitos, Peru. Enjoy American-type meals with a Peruvian flare prepared by our local chef.

*Dietary restrictions upon request


Travel by air to Peru’s Jorge Chávez International Airport, located in Lima, Peru followed by short plane flight to Iquitos, the launch point to the Amazon jungle. Then travel by van to our campus in Nina Rumi on the Nanay River.

Note: Average flight times from United States to Lima is 7 hours. Travel time from Lima to Iquitos is 2 hours


Thank You!

We would like to thank our donors for their continued generous support throughout this year. Please continue to donate in 2020.

Peru Information

Download our Peru Mission Guide below for more information.